5 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Under the Canopy

How well do you know Under the Canopy? Here are some facts that make us one of the most unique home brands out there. 

1. We’re as affordable as we are organic.

At Under the Canopy, we’ve got a mantra: “Organic for all.” We believe everyone should benefit from the sustainable goods that keep their families and their planet healthier—not just the people with bigger budgets. That’s why we tap into things like a vertically integrated supply chain, organic cotton bought in bulk, a domestic distribution center, and smart, thoughtful design. They all help ensure our quality remains higher, while our prices stay lower.


2. We’re the most sustainable home brand on the market.

Under the Canopy is the only home brand with six different sustainability certifications. It’s important to us that every aspect of our materials and methods meet these strict standards. Because it means when you buy from us, you’re making a genuine impact—whether it’s supporting worker welfare, reducing resource and energy waste, or protecting the planet from harmful chemicals and toxins.


3. Our organic sheets get comfier over time.

The 100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton used in our sheets does something good for the earth. But it also benefits your sleep experience, too. With every wash, our cotton blooms and softens, making your sheets even more luxurious the more you use them. It’s just an added (and super comfortable) bonus for buying some of the most sustainable sheets around.


4. Our thread counts aren’t super high. On purpose.

Most people are taught that higher thread count equals higher quality sheets—and in turn, some companies increase thread count to increase prices. But the truth?High-quality sheets actually come from better quality fibers, like those found in the GOTS Certified Organic Cotton we source for our products. Even in lower thread counts (like ours—around 200 TC), these durable and sustainable fibers produce sheets that feel better and last longer.



5. You can take our sheets for a free test run.

Ready to try sustainable bedding? Curious to experience sheets that get softer after each wash cycle? Want to feel what it’s like to sleep on the perfect thread count? We offer you the chance to try our organic sheets, no strings attached. Give them a snooze for 30 nights, and if you’re still not ready to commit, we’ll take them back—and pay for the return shipping.