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5 Reasons Your Bed is Everything

The average person spends almost one third of their time sleeping – making where you slumber a BIG part of your life. In honor of these nighttime retreats, we’ve broken down exactly what makes them so dreamy...  

1. It’s Where You Recharge

Let’s face it – we all work crazy hours, strive for a social life, and have a million things we want to accomplish in a day. We rely on our plush mattress to refresh us for the unpredictable craziness ahead. screen-shot-2016-12-08-at-4-56-13-pm

Photo via James Michelle


2. You Daydream About It

At the office, on a flight, in a hotel – we all crave a few zzz’s in our own bed. There’s nothing like sinking into GOTS-certified organic sheets that you know are good for the environment and your skin. utc_-sheet_blush-white-3000px  

3. Talk About Versatile

Possibly the best part? It also doubles as a movie theater, reading nook, art studio, breakfast table, or whatever you can dream up. utc-amalfi-stripe-breakfast-crop-3000px p.s. This is a sneak peak of our up-coming collection. Sign up for our newsletter (We promise we don't email often!), and we'll be sure to let you know when it's live.  

4. AKA Cuddle Mecca

Whether it’s decked out with a mountain of pillows or just minimal sheets, your bed is the just-right coziness for you. Just add Fido and Fefe and you’re good to lounge all Saturday. screen-shot-2016-12-08-at-5-20-19-pm

Photo by @piggyandpolly


5. It’s Your Sanctuary

From navigating crazy rush-hour traffic to hustling through crowded sidewalks, your bed acts as a haven where you can get a quiet moment away from all that fast-paced noise. a2b4f5c480543af840b502de99fea3a0

Photo via Pinterest

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