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Everything You Need to Know About Our New Sateen Bedding

We have no doubt you’ll love the buttery-smooth softness of our new sateen collection. Cozy and indulgent, these sheets, pillowcases, duvet covers, and shams are a sleek, all-season solution for any bedroom. But beyond their good looks, they’ve been carefully crafted with quality and longevity in mind. From our yarn and weaving selections to the strength of our cotton, here’s a breakdown of the elements that help make our newest bedding luxe, long-lasting, and smarter for the planet.

A Long, Strong Cotton Fiber

We started by choosing organic cotton that’s better not only in the way it’s grown, but also in the fiber it contains. For us, this meant using a long-staple cotton, or cotton with a longer fiber length, for our new sateen pieces. And it’s all because a long fiber is stronger and creates a finer yarn, which ultimately produces a noticeably smoother, more durable, and more sumptuous fabric than its short-staple counterpart.

The Simplicity of Single-Ply Yarn

When it came to thread, we opted for the highest quality yarn around: a single-ply thread spun from long-staple cotton. Compared to multi-ply yarns—which consist of shorter, lower-grade fibers twisted together in an effort to increase their strength—the finer, more durable single-ply threads produce a sateen bedding that’s soft, lightweight, and more breathable. As a bonus, sheets with single-ply yarn are less prone to break down or feel rough after repeated washings.

sateen close up

Thoughtful Construction with a Tighter Weave

Ready for a quick weaving lesson? A weave is the interlaced pattern of vertical (“warp”) and horizontal (“weft”) threads that create a fabric. On a weaving loom, the warp yarns remain stationary while a weft yarn is drawn through, crossing over and under the warp. That single thread of weft yarn is called a “pick.”

We choose to construct our sateen sheets using a “single-pick” weaving process, which means the pick crosses over and then under each warp yarn in a one-to-one fashion. This single-pick process results in a durable, more compact weave with a smoother touch and the ability to better hold its shape—with the added bonus of making it naturally wrinkle-resistant, without the use of chemicals.

An Optimal Thread Count

Have you ever been told that a higher thread count indicates a superior sheet? Here’s insider info about bedding: the highest-quality sheets actually come from durable, high-quality fibers, like those in the long-staple organic cotton we selected for our new sateen collection. In fact, we’ve learned from experience that using this kind of cotton—even with lower thread count of 300—creates soft, sustainable bedding that lasts longer and feels beautiful against your skin.


Certified Easier on the Earth

No surprise here. As with any Under the Canopy collection, our sateen bedding has been awarded certifications that verify its methods and materials meet rigorous criteria. That includes the use of 100% Organic Cotton that is grown naturally and is GOTS certified. In addition, the collection is certified MADE IN GREEN by OEKO-TEX®, confirming that every piece has been tested for harmful substances, made in environmentally friendly facilities, and produced in safe and socially responsible workplaces. It’s the same sort of standards you’ve come to expect from any of our bedding items—and another step closer to making the earth, and every room in your home, a safer, healthier, and more stylish place.