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Sustainability 101: Save the Water

We get it knowing how to lead a sustainable life can seem daunting. But protecting the environment can be simple.That’s where our Sustainability 101 series comes in. This week, we’re setting our sights on water scarcity. Did you know that the average American relies on about 2,000 gallons of H2O a day? 😟 Read on to see how you can minimize your own consumption stat.  

Step 1. Know Your Footprint

Source: Studded Hearts Tumblr

Eat hamburgers? Own a front-loading washer? Take 15-minute showers? Use the National Geographic Water Footprint Calculator to be fully aware of your impact --- then work to cut it down.  

Step 2. Shop Organic Cotton

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Organic cotton requires way less water to produce than regular cotton. So be responsible about your fabrics know where they come from and whenever possible, shop organic.  

Step 3. Wash Efficiently

Source: Pencil Shavings Studio

One load of laundry in a washing machine consumes about 40 gallons of water. To reduce this impact, you can do so much. Try using the cold wash cycle, hand washing, line drying, the list goes on and on.

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