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Tata's Tips for a Greener Routine

Source: Tata Harper Skincare -- When it comes to going green, there are so many tried and true practices that we all know and love, and some that we often overlook. In honor of Earth Day, check out some of my tips below on how to adopt a greener routine:
  1. Get to know the Toxic Ten. Earlier this month we introduced our guide of the top ten harmful ingredients to avoid in your beauty products. With every order you purchase online from, you will receive our wallet-sized booklet to reference whenever you need to make conscious shopping even easier.
  2. Use all natural cleaning products. From your dish soap to your detergent, most name-brand cleaners are filled with toxins that can actually contribute to allergies, hormone disruption, water pollution and other global environmental and health-related issues.Fellow Vermonter Seventh Generation’s products work wonders at not only cleaning your dishes (and those cast-iron pans!) but also at keeping your counters and hands toxin-free.
  3. Replace nonstick pans with cast-iron. When manufacturers create nonstick cookware, they apply chemicals known as Fluoropolymers to create a slick surface, which, when heated at high temperatures, are released into the air and break down into carcinogen’s that can get into your food. Seasoned cast-ironed pans are naturally non-stick, and are safe enough to use in the oven, making them the perfect choice for everything from pan-roasted vegetables to fool-proof pies and desserts.
  4. Eat local. In Vermont we have some of the freshest ingredients available to us at our nearby grocery stores and co-op’s. When you’re eating local, you’re guaranteed to minimize your carbon footprint, but if eating local isn’t as common in your area, try making the switch over to seasonal and organic instead.
  5. Work from home. I’m so lucky to live and work on our beautiful farm here in the Green Mountains, which makes commuting tothe office a breeze. If it’s not realistic for you to work from home a few days a week, try biking to work, carpooling with a coworker, or taking public transportation.
  6. Invest in some plants. Brighten up your living space and reduce the amount of toxins and allergens in the air by adding some greenery into your décor. Check out our recent blog post here on the top five houseplants that improve air quality.
  7. Cut out junk mail and go digital. Spend an afternoon unsubscribing yourself from any catalogues or newsletters that you no longer want to receive. If you’re a magazine junkie and can’t imagine living without your monthly reads, consider getting one subscription between friends or coworkers to share.
  8. Make the switch to all natural skincare. 100% natural and nontoxic skincare is not only better for you, its ingredients and manufacturing processes are much more eco-friendly, too.
Have any helpful tips of your own? Share them with us in the comments below! xo, Tata -- Source: Tata Harper Skincare

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