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USDA Certified & Locally Grown, Meet Our New Sheets

The flowers are blooming, the weather is warming up, and we are embracing the season with our latest USDA Certified Organic Cotton Sateen Sheets. Lightweight, available in 8 naturally beautiful colors, and certified by 3 environmental groups, our sheets are what you and your bed are craving. And while this are all great, what exactly makes these sheets different than our previous ones? It all starts with the organic cotton.

usda sheets

Yes, all of our products start with organic cotton, but our latest sheets begin with three environmental certifications—USDA Certified Organic, OEKO-TEX, and HomeGrown® Organic. USDA Certified Organic requires that all of the cotton seeds, the soil they are grown in, and the final plant have not been treated with harsh chemicals, GMOs, pesticides, or exposed to any carcinogens. And with that additional OEKO-TEX certification, that means you can rest easier knowing that the fabric was not exposed to any of that previously mentioned bad stuff when we add our beautiful natural colors.

USDA cert

But we didn’t stop there with our new sheets’ certifications—they are also HomeGrown® Organic. That means that the USDA certified cotton was grown on local, non-corporate owned farms in the United States. We work with over 40 small farms individually producing up to 17,000 bales of organic and transitional cotton per year, our sheets are supporting the growth of the US organic-focused agricultural system and the farms’ larger communities.

It’s not just the certifications that make these sheets special—it’s the texture from the Sateen finish. Inspired by feedback from our customers, we decided to go for a new texture for this collection. Sateen sheets are made to have a lustrous sheen while keeping it lightweight and breathable—and just in time for those warm nights.

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Hey, you could be sleeping on any sheets this season, but our USDA Certified Organic Sateen Sheets are the stylish and eco-friendly addition to your perfect night’s sleep. Softer with every wash, chic colors that compliment any bedroom, and luxurious details without the high price tag. What more could you ask for?

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