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Zero Waste Gift Guide

Via Trash Is For Tossers By Lauren Singer   ahr0ccuzqsuyriuyrjquynauymxvz3nwb3quy29tjtjgltrfdkpecdboym9bjtjgvm5onknnogfvskklmkzbqufbqufbqunfqsuyrnr4sznwynfym2lrjtjgczy0mcuyrnvubmftzwqtms5qcgc   Holidays = excessive presents = excessive waste = tragic sadness = climate change = end of the world. Right? No. Not right. Wrong. Gifting can be fun, waste free, and EASY. I'm going to tell you my favorite ways to gift zero waste so you can sleep stress (and trash) free this holiday season.   Share Experiences My favorite type of gift is the experience gift. Instead of buying something, wrapping it, and just handing it over, I love the thought of giving an experience gift. Dinner for two? A show? A day at a museum? Cook dinner for someone? A concert? The options are infinite. That way you can grow memories, not trash.   Give Homemade If an experience gift is not up your alley and you do want to give a physical gift, try a homemade one! I have a few great zero waste options for you: body lotion, deodorant, toothpaste, and granola.   Shop Sustainably
If you are neither an experience giver or a DIY'er I have two great options for you.
  Wrap Thoughtfully If you are giving an experience gift you don't need to worry about this. If not, I wrap my presents for the holidays three ways.
Photo by Fox in the Pine (via My Scandinavian Home)
  REMEMBER: if you do wrap a present and you want to make sure the wrapping is properly disposed of, take it back! You can use it again or just toss it in the compost bin!
Happy gifting!

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