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3 Ways Under the Canopy Robes Give Back

November 2017

Every product we manufacture is an opportunity to give back to people and the planet. Our Fair Trade Kimono Robe does just that.

1. Each and every robe supports Fair Labor.

Fair labor practices empower farmers and communities in three major ways:

Education: Children are able to be in schools – not fields. Meanwhile, revenues from products made under the fair labor model (like our robes!) are given back to communities for building schools and providing a better education. 

Development: By eliminating the middleman and connecting producers directly to the market, fair labor practices let the little guy thrive. And farmers receive fair financial rewards directly, while you enjoy more affordable prices. 

Community: Every Fair Trade product sold means a portion of revenue is donated to a Community Development Fund in the place where it was made. Together, communities decide how to distribute funds to best meet their needs and create a better future.

2. And Helps Protect the Planet

Under the Fair Trade model, incentives are given to farmers to practice sustainable growing techniques. This means the 100% organic cotton that goes into our robes can be obtained directly from the source, while supporting reforestation and water conservation. Using only the most eco-friendly production practices conserves resources and creates more sustainable experiences.
3. All while keeping your wallet intact.

At Under the Canopy, we believe shopping consciously shouldn't break the bank. We use a vertical supply chain that maintains the highest sustainability standards at every step of production, while keeping our robes at the most affordable prices.

With our production process:

Farmers receive direct financial support as part of buying cooperative

The costs of outsourcing are cut and thread count (which is typically inflated) is reduced to keep prices low

Every step of production is third-party certified to ensure the highest level of sustainability

Give the gift of sustainability. 

Show someone you truly care by giving a robe that supports fair labor practices and wraps them in the softest organic cotton. And rest assured, there are zero harmful dyes, chemicals, or toxins. An Under the Canopy robe is the ultimate gift combining sustainability, affordability, and comfort.

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