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Each towel we manufacture saves 7 bathtubs worth of water in production.

Organic Cotton blooms and softens with every wash, making your sheets even more luxurious the more you use them.

All of our products are manufactured consciously to support worker welfare & community investment.

The GOTS certification ensures that our raw materials, manufacturing, and distribution are free from any toxic substances and chemicals.

Made from low-twist yarns and fluffy terry loops, our towels are designed to be breathable, soft, and absorbent.

Our organic cotton seeds are never treated with GMOs, pesticides, or harsh chemicals throughout the entire manufacturing process.

Organic Cotton Bath Towel



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With Care

By the market’s most conscious home brand.

Better for the earth.

Every Under the Canopy product is manufactured with the planet in mind. That means no harsh working conditions. Less waste. And more care.

Better for your home.

Home is where the heart is. And at Under the Canopy we like to think it's where harsh chemicals shouldn't be. That's why you won't find any pesticides, fertilizers, or GMOs in our towels, or any of our products.

Better for you.

Because when you shop sustainably, you not only do right by your planet, you do right by everyone else, including,

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Frequently Asked Questions

Organic cotton, unlike standard cotton, is not treated with any carcinogens, pesticides, or GMOs. Our cotton is naturally grown without any chemicals and is responsibly sourced from our fields. Because we follow several third-party environmental groups’ regulations, our organic cotton is also certified to guarantee all of this.

Our towels are responsibly and ethically sourced from organic cotton fields in India and Bahrain. We follow several third-party environmental group regulations in order to guarantee that everyone is treated fairly, and our products are made sustainably.

Because our towels are made from organic cotton and natural dyes, we highly recommend following the washing instructions that are on our tags. We also suggest avoiding any laundry products that contain bleach or harsh chemicals to avoid fading the natural colors or effecting the texture of the cotton. And finally, we suggest using a low tumble dry cycle to prevent any shrinking.

Our towels are certified by GOTS, OEKO-TEX, and Wel-Trak. GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certifies that our towels meet struct standards and guarantee it uses organic cotton. OEKO-TEX means that our towels have not been made using harmful chemicals that are typically found in conventional textile production. And Wel-Trak guarantees that we use pure, ethically grown cotton that has never been blended or diluted with inferior or non-organic cotton.

The 3% mixed fabric in our towels is made from lyocell, which is the most ecofriendly man-made fabric. It is made from rapidly spun wood-pulp and water and it uses over 99% of the solvent, leaving almost no byproduct. Lyocell also increases the absorbency of our towels—making them 50% more absorbent than standard cotton towels without losing their beautiful colors and soft texture.

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