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Organic Towels Made With A Purpose

November 24, 2017

Our GOTS Certified 100% Organic Cotton towels save valuable resources by sticking to the highest standards of sustainability, responsibility, and quality during every step of production.

1. Every towel saves valuable resources. 

Each and every towel we produce preserves the Earth's valuable resources and reduces your carbon footprint. We believe in maximizing sustainability and minimizing waste, which is why we've created our 100% organic cotton towels to be the most environmentally-friendly way to dry off. When it comes to he sustainable impact our towels can make, here's what you should know.

One bath towel saves:

7 bathtubs worth of water

40 hours of light energy

772 grams of CO2

2. GOTS Certified Organic Cotton is better for the environment, workers, and you.

GOTS is one of the six certification we adhere to, and is the worldwide standard for organic textiles. There are 3 criteria for the GOTS certification that make our towels the most sustainable, softest, and responsibly-made towels you can find:

Eco-Friendly: Third-party oversight of the production process benefits the earth and protects the customer. Each stage is inspected and evaluated to make sure that they abide by the strictest environmental and safety standards.

Socially Responsible: Every business follows fair labor practices that prevent discrimination, provide fair wages, and do more to help workers. Worker welfare is guaranteed and better social standards are set.

Quality Controlled: Every Fair Trade product sold means a portion of revenue is donated to a Community Development Fund in the place where it was made. Together, communities decide how to distribute funds to best meet their needs and create a better future. No harmful chemicals or dyes and constant quality testing are essential parts of the GOTS certification process. That makes our towels great for the environment, and even better for your skin.

3. Low-impact, chemical free dyes make drying off worry free.  

We only use 100% organic cotton and low-impact dyes during production. Our materials are free from pesticides, toxins, and heavy metals, so you never have to worry about how they're made, or if they're safe for your skin. The GOTS and Oeko-Tex certifications ensures that our towels are the safest, and most sustainable on the market. Did we mention they also get softer with each wash?

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