It’s that time of year again, when family and friends gather around and celebrate, and that means getting your house ready for guests. Don’t panic though, we’re here to give you some quick tips on how to make your home guest-ready just in time for the holidays.

Stylish Bedding

Impress people with a beautiful bedroom, especially your guest room. Use our clean designs with naturally-made colors to craft a relaxing, modern space. Be an even better host if you include soft blankets to layer. After all, nothing beats the feeling of cozy, soft bedding on a cold morning.

Add a stack of fresh towels

Nothing says you’re guest ready like including a stack of fresh towels—especially fluffy ones made from organic cotton. Get bonus points if you include our Jet Set Amenities kit so they can relax with natural, clean products.

stylish bedding

Organize Linen Closet

Make your linen closet as beautiful as the items it holds. We recommend folding everything into a square shape, edges facing the back wall, and stacked from largest to smallest. Also, if you organize everything by category (ie towels, sheets, duvets) it will make it easier to find whatever your guests might need.


Finishing Touches

Whether it’s lighting a beautifully fragrant candle –especially one made with 100% natural soy wax that’s grown in the US…stay tuned—having a stylish rug in your room (because no one likes cold floors), or including a soft robe to get comfortable in, it’s all about the finishing touches that can transform any room.

finishing touches

With these four easy tips you can get your house ready for the holidays and help your friends and family feel right at home.