The way we live and work shifted dramatically in 2020—and as we (finally) ease into 2021, we’re seeing new trends that take into consideration the evolving relationship we have with our homes. In our latest post, Under the Canopy Creative Director Danielle Dorn gives us a rundown of what to expect in home design this year, from new color palettes to mindful materials to an emphasis on warm-and-cozy everything.


“Mindful materials that have low impact on the environment will gain even more traction in the coming year.”

- Creative Director Danielle Dorn

It comes as no surprise: with our collective health in sharp focus in 2020, the need to be surrounded by safer materials at home has come to the forefront. Sustainable materials, like organic cotton products with OEKO-TEX® certification, are an easy, health-minded choice, especially as they lessen your family’s exposure to things like pesticides and toxins. Plus, they're a smarter option for people with sensitive skin, chemical sensitivities, or allergies, as harsh chemicals used to produce conventional materials can irritate the skin. As a bonus, sustainable materials are more durable and hold up well after laundry day, which is important as we continue to spend more time in our homes.

material focus


“With everyone still home, there is a desire to create warm environments with layers of textures.”

After 2020, “snug and relaxed” are now the goals of the day. It’s all about creating comfort in your space: adding soft and inviting elements—like throw pillows and an extra snuggly blanket on the bed or plush towels hanging at the ready in your bathroom—layered with a mixture of natural textures. And going cozy doesn’t require a total home makeover. Even the addition of warmer lighting or lit candles can help you get the lived-in, welcoming space you’re craving.

warm and cozy


“Be on the lookout for solid textiles with mindful details like hand-stitching.”

Elevated minimal textiles will be making their way into 2020, with the most elegant being those that exhibit human touches such as hand-stitching or embroidery. This small but meaningful feature—a connection to the artisan that made the design—is a beautiful way to layer in more warmth and comfort into your home. It’s a connection we value at Under the Canopy…and we can’t wait to offer you a new hand-stitched organic quilt option sometime in the spring (keep your eyes peeled starting in April).



“Earth-inspired colors with pigmented hues will bring a sense of warmth to interiors.”

The ease and comfort we want around us will also be reflected in the color palettes that will take the lead in home decor. Shades are really warming up in 2021, meaning you’ll be seeing rich, earthy neutrals like taupe, camel, burnt umber, and terracotta, as well as deeper tones like sage, olive green, and burnt orange. The spotlight is on grounded colors that take their cues from nature—and help us turn our homes into the welcoming sanctuary we need, especially after a tumultuous year.


“One result of the pandemic? More people are reconsidering how they consume goods at home.”

Spending more time inside has given rise to more people shifting to a more sustainable lifestyle overall. In the home, this includes a renewed interest in higher-quality craft and multifunctional furniture, as well as vintage and repurposed decor and housewares made from thoughtful, eco-minded materials. Bigger picture, this also means people are looking not only at what they buy, but from whom they purchase. For us at Under the Canopy, the pandemic gave us time to reassess our sustainability practices, too. Our roots have always been in mindful materials, but with deliveries becoming a focal point during lockdowns, we wanted to figure out how to neutralize our carbon footprint even more—especially since we deal with product shipments from our suppliers and to our customers daily. Our solution: reducing our carbon emissions via a partnership with The Carbon Fund (read more about it here).

carbon neutral


“It’s a trend that will be even bigger than in 2020. Definitely bring in more of the green!”

There’s no easier way to feel more connected to nature than to place a little of it inside your home (especially in a time when we’re indoors more often). It only takes a quick look on Instagram to see that houseplants were a huge design trend last year—and in 2021, we’ll be seeing the craze continue to, ahem, grow. Look for unusual cacti, plants with patterned or colorful foliage, and semi-succulents to fill pots everywhere, as well as tried-and-true classics like snake plants, ferns, and the Ficus Altissima, the indoor tree predicted to steal the crown of the reigning fiddle leaf fig. In addition to bringing a natural improvement to your home’s air quality, they’ll all add color, life, and joy—and help make your space healthier and happier in a time when both are more important than ever.