If appearances are what you’re after, the sky is your limit when it comes to layering a bed. Of course, you always want to start with your basics: a luxuriously comfortable mattress, a fitted sheet, a flat sheet, and some pillowcases.


Now comes the fun part: Depending on the design and/or color of your duvet or comforter, you can “fold down” or “fold up.” For instance, let’s say you also like to have a lightweight blanket between your sheet and your duvet. By choosing to “fold down” your comforter, so that it rests at the foot of your bed, you’re able to show off both the blanket and the comforter. This also helps highlight your pillows—which are fun to play around with when layering for style.


Depending on the pattern or color of your sheets, you can either hide or show off your sleeping pillows behind or in front of Euro pillows. Play around here by choosing a different hue or pattern for these pillowcases to see what works best based on the other colors in your room—be it the walls, a rug, or even your artwork. Then, accentuate the top of your bed even further with a handful (or more!) of decorative throw pillows.


The “fold up” approach is best for those who don’t sleep with a secondary blanket between the sheets. Without it, the bed may look too bare if the duvet or comforter is folded down.


Now, if you’re not too worried about making a statement with your bed, lose the throw pillows. They can be a hassle to store when you’re not using them and are really just for show…though they can be nice for extra support when reading or having a coffee in bed. (See? Practical!)


Finally, if you’re going for looks and practicality, use the “fold down” approach. Keep the shams and place just one statement throw pillow in the center of the bed between all the pillows. Find one that’s not only stylish, but the size to offer neck support when sitting up to watch a movie or even behind-the-knee support for added comfort on lazy Sunday mornings.

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