Here’s how to make sure your houseguests rest easy this holiday
(visions of sugarplums 99% guaranteed).

Give Them Space

Every guest appreciates a chance to unpack stuff from their suitcase, so make sure you’ve got adequate drawer space and available hangers in the guest room closet. The same goes for coat closets: since winter weather is upon us, ensure you’ve got space for all that extra outerwear coming in from the cold. Already overstuffed? Consider over-the-door hooks or splurging on a compact coat rack.

Bonus Points For: foldable luggage stands.

Cozy Up Their Sleeping Quarters

Help visitors escape the holiday madness with a guest room that feels like a retreat. Start with the centerpiece—the bed—and indulge them with dreamy bedding, softens-with-each-wash Organic Sheets, and super supportive pillows (always with hypoallergenic filling). From there, focus on things that up the comfort level: a reading light, a stylish water carafe, eye masks and ear plugs, cuddly throw blankets, and a catchall for items like jewelry.

Bonus Points For: a spare phone charger.


Go Big in the Bath

Large, soft, wrap-‘em-in-luxury bath sheets and towels are a given when it comes to houseguests. But it’s also a thoughtful gesture to stock the bathroom with a variety of organic travel-size toiletries and other essentials your visitors may have left behind—think toothbrushes, floss, mouthwash, bar soap, contact solution, and pain reliever. And don’t forget to point out where you store extra toilet tissue (that way, guests never have to guess).

Bonus Points For: fresh flowers and natural, non-toxic candles.


Make Them Feel Completely at Home

Fill in guests on all the info they need to feel welcome. Provide a house key, any alarm codes, and a garage door opener so they can come and go as they please. Place instructions on their bedside table with details like the Wi-Fi password and instructions on how to use the TV. In the kitchen, it’s also smart to point out how to use the coffee pot, microwave, and other appliances in case your company gets up before the rest of the house.

Bonus Points For: access to your household streaming services.


Kick Things Up a Notch

Gunning for “Host of the Year”? Go the extra mile with small details that’ll fill them will holiday wonder. Place motion-sensing LED nightlights in hallways and bathrooms so guests can navigate an unfamiliar place. Offer power strips in common spaces for extra cords. Stock the fridge and pantry for early-risers or late-night snackers, and leave out wine and spirits with the recipe—and all the ingredients—for your favorite seasonal cocktail.

Bonus Points For: plush, lounge-worthy robes hanging in the guest room.