Working from home may be your new normal and some days may bring new challenges, so we wanted to share 5 tips on how to make the most of your new daily routine.

Create a Separate Workspace

Whether it’s at a home office, kitchen table, or your living room, finding a place for you to plug in for work, that you can also take a break from is essential. When setting up your work area, add a small plant if you have one nearby and find a spot near a window or even use a small lamp to brighten up your new workspace. If your bedroom is now your office, try changing out the pillow and pillowcases at night to create a peaceful sanctuary just for bedtime.

Work from home

Stick to a Routine

Even the small things count. Setting an alarm each morning to keep you on schedule—even if you hit snooze a few more times than usual—is a great way to start a productive day. And, whether it’s changing up your fitness routine to work at home or making sure that you walk away from your computer to enjoy lunch—maintaining a routine helps you get through it all. The best part—if it doesn’t work one day, there’s always tomorrow.


While you may be juggling more than before—new ways to work or maybe even tackling teaching your little ones for the first time—we can’t forget about the most basic things like drinking water. It’s so easy to get wrapped up in your work and for the hours to fly by, so try starting your morning by filling up a large glass or reusable bottle and keeping it with you during the day. Once you’re low on water, use that as your sign to get up, stretch, and refill.


Take a Break

Sometimes working from home leads to longer hours or atypical schedules. This is all the more reason why you have to find time to step away. Whether it’s taking a walk or just unplugging from video chats by moving to another room with your favorite candle—make the time to clear your mind and reset. These small moments, as simple as they seem, help prepare you to take on the tasks ahead.


Find Time to Pamper Yourself

When your weekdays end up looking like your weekend, we have to find the simple pleasures. From an extra-long bubble bath with rejuvenating body wash to staying in your robe till dinnertime, make the most of these comforting moments. Add a facemask to your girl’s night video chat, binge watch your favorite show or read that book that’s been waiting for you on your nightstand. Let yourself stay in your cozy organic bed for that extra hour because once you’ve found your happy place, Monday will be that much better.

pamper yourself