As part of this ongoing series, we’ve explored how choosing to buy certified organic cotton products supports factories striving to do good and offers a better choice for your health. In our latest installment, we’ll look at how organic cotton is a higher quality material than its conventional counterpart—and why that makes it a more thoughtful choice for you, the earth, and even your wallet.

Organic Quality Means: MORE COMFORT

First, let’s talk about why certified organic cotton simply feels better than conventional cotton. Organic cotton is grown naturally without the use of harmful pesticides, fertilizers, and GMOs. Moreover, unlike conventional cotton, certified organic cotton is later processed sans chemicals, toxic dyes, and bleaches. The result is a softness you can feel—and a comfortable, more breathable material.

Ultimately, this means when you take home organic items like our bedding or robe, they won’t trap in heat that leaves you feeling too hot or sweaty while you’re sleeping or relaxing. The absence of toxins also makes certified organic cotton a more comfortable choice for the health of people with sensitive skin, allergies, or chemical sensitivities. And the best part? Organic cotton continues to bloom after each wash, ensuring that your favorite products will keep getting softer after every laundry day is done.

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Organic Quality Means: DURABILITY

Growing and processing cotton using safe methods that respect the earth ensures that certified organic cotton produces a fiber that is longer, much stronger, and better able to retain its natural benefits. This ends up creating a more resistant and durable fabric that’s, simply put, built to last. That said, when you select organic cotton, you can be confident you’re not buying something using a material that’s thinner, flimsy, or too easily prone to damage.

This resiliency goes hand in hand with not having to replace an organic cotton item as often as you would with one that’s more conventionally produced. By choosing higher quality certified organic cotton, you’re also choosing to save natural resources, energy, and extra waste in our landfills.

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channel blanket


When an item uses better materials and is designed to last longer, you’re not only saving it from hitting a landfill too soon…you’re saving money. Consciously buying an item with quality and timelessness in mind—and avoiding cheaply made, trendy, or “fast” home furnishings or fashion—means you won’t be opening your wallet to replace or repair that item as often. This is an especially smart mindset for everyday items you use (and wash!) more frequently.

And for the record: If you’re still worried that the word “organic” is synonymous with “expensive,” there’s good news there for your wallet, too. As more people strive for sustainable living, more companies are learning how to cut down on its cost. For example, at Under the Canopy, we’ve learned that things like organic cotton bought in bulk, a vertical supply chain, a domestic distribution center, and lower thread counts all create more affordable prices for our organic products—and more opportunity for you to own the cozy, higher quality organic cotton goods you and your family prefer.

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