While things may be different these days, one thing that still remains the same is our mission to do better for the earth.

At Under the Canopy we know that creating a better planet can’t happen in only one day, so we’ve been working on the following initiatives this past year to expand our efforts to be more sustainable.

more sustainable


We also know that helping the planet cannot be done on our own, so this Earth Day we want to celebrate our Under the Canopy community. It takes a village to make change and no matter how big or small your contribution is for climate action, it matters. Here’s some of the great ways our friends are doing more the planet:


I use only clean products in our home that are sustainable. We use only plant based toilet paper! We buy brands that use sustainable practices!


This past year I’ve begun composting which has done so much to reduce my waste and my plants love it too! I’ve also started a little food garden with veggies I eat a lot of. This cuts down on my carbon emissions and is a great excuse to get out and enjoy Mother nature. Inside my house we use as little single use plastic as possible (I’m obsessed with shampoo bars, conditioners, and lotions), and I buy about 80% of my clothing second hand. The transition to a more eco-friendly life sounds daunting, but it really comes down to making better choices, one choice at a time.


As a past art director for Environment magazine I have been participating in all forms of the RRR (reduce reuse and recycle)to keep our planet sustainable for future generations. When building our home we chose building materials that were energy efficient. We have a garden that provides our family with fruits, vegetables and herbs all year round. In the winter we bring out potted container gardens inside to a sun filled room. We choose reusable market bags, metal washable straws, and no longer use disposable sandwiched snack bags, instead using glass and paper reusable containers. Our milk comes in a glass jug from the local dairy farm. Unused copy paper gets reused as notepads and in the Summer months there is nothing better than air dried clothes! This is just a small part of how we recycle.


We’ve been vegetarian for almost 5 years and love how we can minimize our footprint by not supporting the meat industry.


I drink my smoothies, water and beverages in glass jars instead of anything plastic. I don’t like to use them. But when I do I use a metal straw. Did you know that Sweden is the best in the world at recycling? I am born and raised there, so I am very big at recycling. It’s so easy to do, if you just get your mind set on it. When I go to the store I bring my reusable bags so I don’t get 100’s of plastic bags. I recently joined a beach cleanup. It’s crazy how much trash and garbage that is polluting our beaches and ocean. It makes me want to help out more often. I like to tell my friends about what I do that is good for our climate. Even if only one starts doing what you are doing, our planet will get better little by little.


I focus on finding ways to reduce my waste and lowering my impact on the environment. When I began my journey, I first looked in my trash and evaluated what I was throwing away and found sustainable swaps for those items. I love sharing my journey and tips on my Instagram and Youtube channel. If there is one piece of advice I would give, it would be to start with one area of your home, and see what you are throwing away, then find sustainable alternatives.

We’d love to hear from everyone in our community about how you are making a difference for the planet, leave us a comment describing what you do—remember no matter how big or small, we can do it together.