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Under The Canopy Sheets Are Certified By The Global Standard For Organic Cotton

GOTS is one of the six certifications Under the Canopy adheres to, and is the worldwide standard for organic textiles. There are 3 criteria for the GOTS certification that make their sheets the most comfortable, sustainable, and socially-responsible sheets you can find:

Environmental: Restrictions on production, from the types of fiber used to packaging materials, benefit the earth while protecting the consumer. All stages of the process are evaluated to make sure they adhere to the strictest environmental standards set by the Founding Organizations.

Social: Fair labor practices are supported and worker welfare is guaranteed. Every business follows the criteria laid out by the International Labour Organization (ILO) that prevents discrimination, provides fair wages, and does more to maintain a better environment for workers during production.

Technical: There is a high standard set for both quality and safety, meaning no harmful chemicals or dyes and constant quality testing. This makes products certified to GOTS the most durable while having the least impact on the environment.

The Perfect Thread Count Preserves Resources, Money, And Comfort.

It’s a common myth that a high thread count is the key to the most luxurious bedding. Under the Canopy's sheets have a 200TC, which means they’re still comfortable and crisp without costing you more for unnecessary material. Their vertically integrated production process and the perfect thread count keep prices affordable and operations sustainable. As the experts in sustainable comfort, Under the Canopy gives customers the softest sheets at the lowest prices.

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Safe And Sustainable For The Whole Family

The OEKO-TEX standard is another way we uphold the highest sustainability and safety standards for customers. Here’s what OEKO-TEX-certified means:

1. While many other sheets on the market are treated with harmful chemicals like formaldehyde (yup, you read that right) Oeko-Tex ensures that no toxic chemicals, heavy metals, or bleaches are used in the dying process of Under the Canopy's sheets.

2. Testing criteria for product safety is more comprehensive than national or international standards, so you never have to worry about safety issues.

3. There’s more transparency and greater quality assurance for customers. Every step of production is overseen by third parties to ensure the highest level of responsibility.

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