From empowering communities and encouraging sustainable development, to keeping children out of the workforce, here are a few ways shopping consciously can make a huge impact.

1. Direct Financial Support

Fair labor practices start with paying a real living wage directly to qualified workers who can provide for themselves and their families, and take pride in the work they do.


2. No Child Labor

Period. Kids belong in school garnering a quality education.

Purchasing Fair Trade certified products supports the building of schools and providing of wages for families to maintain their children’s education.


3. Sustainable Farming Methods

When you purchase certified sustainable products, you help keep our waterways clean, promote reforestation and preservation of our planet. You also stand up against the use of toxic chemicals in the manufacturing process that cause harm to our workers, as well as our world.

Better for the environment. Better for workers. Better for you.

4. Business Development

Fair labor practices enable small producers to play a part in the global marketplace by establishing cooperative production models that connect small farmers directly to brands, buyers, and/or manufacturers (like Under the Canopy!).